HUD Home Information

HUD Home Information

Have you ever wished someone clarified what a 'HUD home' really is? We understand that in the foreclosure industry, there are many terms to that get thrown around … REO, Bank Owned, Foreclosure, etc.  One important one is HUD homes.  To eliminate that confusion let us help answer the question:

What Exactly Are 'HUD Homes'?

HUD is the administrative agency that oversees, and is responsible for a number of federal housing agencies and programs including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) which insures home loans in specific qualifying areas of the country from default.

A HUD Home is an FHA insured mortgage that has gone into default, meaning the bank has foreclosed on the property. Once this happens the lender submits the FHA insurance claim and conveys ownership of the property to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD will then sell the home through their Asset Manager along with approved Local Listing Brokers hired by the Asset Manager.  So one thing that is unique about a HUD property versus other REO properties is that HUD does not foreclose on borrowers, so this is why they are not referred to as HUD Repo or HUD Foreclosed … but HUD acquires property through this process which explains why they are referred to as HUD Owned, HUD Acquired, or HUD Homes.

A HUD Home can be a Single Family Residence (SFR), Townhome, Condominium or any other type of residence up to 4 units.  To sum it up, if you can buy it with an FHA mortgage … then it could be a HUD Home in the future. 

Finding HUD homes to purchase is not difficult to do. HUD sells these homes all over the country through approved brokers, like Crown Point Realty. All greater Las Vegas HUD homes can be found here on our Search page with all other properties on the market or to search for only HUD Homes you can visit HUD's official website at

Also, to clear up one more area of confusion for many buyers, let me clarify the different Financing Types you’ll see HUD properties listed as.  There are 4 different ways a HUD Home will be listed regarding its “Insurability” for new FHA financing.  Those 4 ways are INIEUI and UK:

Please keep in mind these 4 “insurability” types are only concerning to a buyer looking to obtain a new FHA loan.  Aside from that these should just be used as disclosure to a buyer and regardless the HUD Home will be sold As Is.

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