Requirements For Applicants

Requirements For Applicants

1.) Applicant(s) must provide ID, last 2 pay stubs, any other pertinent information regarding applicant(s) financial situation, such as bank statements, and a completely filled out and signed application, found HERE.

2.) All Occupants over the Age of 18 to complete their own application.

3.) Information you will need to complete the application:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Emergency Contact
  3. 5 years living history
  4. Co-Applicants and Occupants Names
  5. Personal Information on income, debt and prior evictions
  6. (2) Paycheck Stubs
  7. ID/Driver's License
  8. Contact Property Manager for pet application if appropriate, will require photo of pet. For service animals, contact Property Manager for details on required documentation.


4.) Individual must come in person to drop off application with the above documentation and do their best to schedule an appointment with the property manager to do so or apply online at

5.) In the event of extraneous circumstances, applicant(s) must have the ability to prove their monthly income of three times the monthly rent. This would also include self-employed and tip-earning individuals.

6.) A NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE of $50.00 per person over the age of 18 is required to process your application. Cash will not be accepted.

7.) Upon approval of application, a holding deposit of 100% of the total security deposit will be required, again in certified funds only.

8.) A lease agreement is to be executed within 10 business day of the approved application.

9.) The standard security deposit is equal to one (1) months rent, but the following reasons may increase that amount, up to but not exceeding three (3) times the monthly rent:

*Security Deposit will be increased by $300 for each pet, with 2 being the maximum allowed. A Picture will be required for each pet. Crown Point Realty does not accept vicious dogs at any property. Owner may increase deposit at Owner's discretion. Currently, vicious dogs are defined by most insurance policies to be the breeds listed below; additional breeds may be added to the list at any time or as dictated by Owners insurance policy requirements. In addition a dangerous dog, which is defined generally as a dog that has attacked a person or domestic animal without provocation, shall not allowed.

List of Non-Allowed Vicious Breed (list can be amended at any time):

10.) Properties can be held for up to two (2) weeks from date of approval, with a paid security deposit.

11.) All funds due must be paid by certified funds only, payable to Crown Point Realty. No cash will be accepted.

12.) Standard lease term is one (1) year.